Flea Market

We just finished the flea market today – had a great 2 days. Saturday attendance was the most I’ve ever seen. Thankfully it calmed down. (I don’t like crowds.) I walked around after it thinned out and found something I’ve been looking for. “Elongated Penny” Albums. Yes I’m a nerd. I get my pennies pressed at various tourist sites I visit. Within St. Louis and out. (I reside in the St. Louis area and always find it funny that I act like a tourist in my own town, by buying souvenirs and pressing pennies.)
On a side note, who knew these things were called “elongated” pennies? I certainly didn’t. But I’m happy I have albums for them now!
On a another side note, I didn’t get my bottles cleaned. But my sister had plenty to sell. We think we sold over half of her inventory.



My sister is a computer programmer with a shopping addiction. So she decided to start channeling that addiction into a business. She buys and sells antique and vintage items. And sometimes, plain, old crap.

I’m of two minds on this business. There is nothing more exciting than hearing her phone go off with bids on Sunday night. (Ebay app for Iphone). I’m part of the shipping department.

I’ve never discussed my anxiety issues with too many outside my family. But when we have to start packing I get the biggest anxiety attack and I get mean. So I don’t do the actual packing. I do the postage and labeling. I’m also the packaging materials acquisition expert.

Another problem I have is I’m an aspiring minimalist. This business and minimalism do not go together.

I guess you could call me a minimalist hoarder.