Budgets – the ongoing saga

So last month was a horrible budget month. Totally blown. To many shiny things to tempt me.  

So this month I’m going to focus on contentment. Many of the things I buy are because I’m sure I NEED this thing to look better, to feel better, to do something better. And yet I get the thing and I don’t feel different. I now must remember to use it. I must find a place to store it. 

Right now, I need nothing. I have food. I have shelter. I have clothing (more than enough). I have a car. What I need is to be content with these things. To take stock of what I have. And appreciate those things and myself for what we are. 

Instead of buying I’m beginning a decluttering plan. I’ll link this later if I like it. I will start with the things I can change. Not the things I cannot. And if I need to buy something to make decluttering work better – I’m going to try to wait a day or two to make sure I really need it. 

I’m going to try to post a few times this week with my progress.