Local News – KMOV Rant

Do you ever find yourself talking to your T.V? I do this a lot.  I talk to commercials (“Yes, because he fell off a ladder he needs to think about life insurance, because I’m a selfish $%^& and that’s my first thought…). I talk to T.V. shows.  But especially I talk to my local news.

Sometimes its me griping at the producers for putting up the wrong graphic (“you have one job…”).

Last night in particular – KMOV the local CBS affiliate in St. Louis started its news at 4:59 PM.


I was watching something else. Noticed the credits rolling. Switched over to KMOV and … they were already well into their “breaking news”.

Mentioned this fact to my Mom who watches them almost everyday. “Oh, yea,” she says, “they do that everyday, I always miss their first story which is usually breaking news.”

So, KMOV, you, by attempting to get the jump on the other local news stations cause us to go to the other news channels to find out what “breaking news” is developing. Because you see, like normal news channels, they wait until their SCHEDULED program start, and thereby allow me to have time to get to their channel on time for their first, and presumably most important, news story.

Keep it up KMOV.  Fox2 is looking better and better.