Marriage to anyone

I don’t think marriage is outdated. As a religious person I have certain beliefs. However I don’t feel that marriage should continue as it is today.

If you decide to marry someone it can cost thousands of dollars to dissolve when you want to divorce. It clogs up the justice system.

Get rid of it.

As it is I mean. Make marriage completely unrelated to any government arrangement. If you want to get married – fine. Do that. If you want to get divorced – just do it. Make it a simple process. Go to the county courthouse or to your church and just say – we’re done. Sign an paper and your through.

No joint bank accounts. If you buy something for someone, its a gift. No joint property. No pre-nups. No joint tax returns. Everyone files separately.

However I just put a large number of people out of jobs. Judges, court staff, divorce lawyers and their staff. But you know what – I don’t care.