Flea Market

We just finished the flea market today – had a great 2 days. Saturday attendance was the most I’ve ever seen. Thankfully it calmed down. (I don’t like crowds.) I walked around after it thinned out and found something I’ve been looking for. “Elongated Penny” Albums. Yes I’m a nerd. I get my pennies pressed at various tourist sites I visit. Within St. Louis and out. (I reside in the St. Louis area and always find it funny that I act like a tourist in my own town, by buying souvenirs and pressing pennies.)
On a side note, who knew these things were called “elongated” pennies? I certainly didn’t. But I’m happy I have albums for them now!
On a another side note, I didn’t get my bottles cleaned. But my sister had plenty to sell. We think we sold over half of her inventory.